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Residential Projects

A photo is worth a 1000 words.
Here's what speaks to our clients before and after.

Residential Projects: Text

133 Topping

Construction Under Warranty October 2021

Residential Projects: Gallery

408 Olive

Renovation Under Warranty June 2021

Residential Projects: Gallery


Renovation Under Warranty May 2021

Residential Projects: Gallery

Freedom House

This home is special to the CoBuild Team because not only is it a beautiful remodel, but the owner is a war veteran. This veteran who was injured in combat has been at the mercy of others to get in and out of his home due to the fact most homes don't come standard with a ramp for easy home access. The CoBuild was happy to be tasked with restoring freedom to a man who fought for our freedoms!

Residential Projects: Gallery

Windsor House

Rebuilt, Revitalized, Revamped

Residential Projects: Gallery
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