Building at the Intersection of Affordable Housing and Job Training

CoBuild is a social enterprise. We turn our customer's ideas into beautifully finished spaces. Each project provides a hands-on learning experience. We exist to inspire the next generation of builders and developers to tackle the problems we can't reach, and we strive to tackle affordable housing however we can. CoBuild is always looking to grow its team, if you're looking to be apart of family positioned to make a legacy of lasting impact smash that "Get in Touch" button below.



What We Provide

CoBuild provides a unique way to invest in your property and the local community. As a licensed general contractor we create a hassle-free environment where local investors and organizations to trust we can complete high quality work in as efficient a time frame as possible. We vow to never over promise and strive to always over deliever.







CoBuild has worked with people from all backgrounds, and appreciates diversity represented amongst the staff. Emerging Builder, Inc is a 501(c)3 organization that provides on-the-job construction training and educational opportunities for Women, Black and Indigenous People of Color. CoBuild has hired 1/3+ of its staff thus far from our sister company's cohorts and they have been thriving amounongst our

Working as a Family, Leaving a Legacy

As a licensed and insured general contractor, CoBuild delivers both residential and commercial construction services.Our clients are primarily organizations and local investors looking to revamp our community. We work with clients that share our vision for equitable opportunity and investment. 

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